Sardonic - Commodore Amiga

Two Button Joystick One Button Joystick
DownloadSardonic Amiga OCS/ECS (268 KB) DownloadSardonic Amiga OCS/ECS One Button (268 KB)
Works on OCS/ECS machines with PAL and 1 MB ChipMem
DownloadSardonic Amiga AGA (271 KB) DownloadSardonic Amiga AGA One Button (271 KB)
Works on AGA machines with PAL

Code and Graphics by MadAxe

Music by Frédéric Hahn

(C) 2019 Penisoft

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Note: This game uses a music that was not composed by me. The only information about it is that is called «Mod Synth by Fred» and the original filename is HELICO.MOD. I don't know anything about the rights of this music, so if you are the author and don't aprove the use of your music in the game, drop me a line please and I will remove it.

Last Update on 10th April 2019