Sardonic - News

January 22nd 2020
Bombastic news!
Thorsten Otto ported Sardonic to Linux :)
He also is working on Atari VDI versions.

January 1st 2020
The Atari version is finally completed.
Took me 9 months to complete it.
Hope you like it :)

November 12th 2019
Working very hard to bring you
a funny and playable game... I hope :)

August 31st 2019
Very nice stuff added for the
Atari version

July 20th 2019
Thanks everyone on Atari-Forum
and AtariAge Forums for
your great support :)

July 3rd 2019
Currently I'm creating new
Attack Waves for the game.

June 16th 2019
Trying to understand things
like GEM, VDI and AES.

May 30th 2019
Finally I decided to code in Pure C
using the great GODLib library.

May 11th 2019
Learning about 68K Asm :)
Very good processor indeed.

May 5th 2019
Trying to code some stuff in STOS.

May 1st 2019
Testing GFA Basic for Atari ST.
Very cool stuff.

April 23th 2019
Thinking about coding an Atari Version :)

April 10th 2019
The Amiga version is finally completed.
Took me 3 months to complete it.
Hope you like it :)

April 1st 2019
Thank you all nice fellows on English Amiga Board
for all your help and support.

March 15th 2019
Add some new hot stuff to the Amiga version

January 29th 2019
Struggling with the tricky but amazing Amiga's hardware :)

January 1st 2019
Finally the ZX Spectrum is finished!
Took me 17 years to complete it.
Hope you like it :)

December 20th 2018
New design of the website.

December 1st 2018
A ZX Spectrum demo was finished!

October 10th 2018
After ten years of a hiatus I back to the ZX Spectrum version :)
I found the bug and I added lots of more stuff.

August 31st 2017 is the new site of the game.

June 2nd 2016
By some obscure reason no longer exists :(

December 26th 2009 added the PC Windows version to their site :) Thanks!
The link is:

October 10th 2008
More stuff for ZX Spectrum version but a bug is killing me.

May 18th 2005
Some routines for the ZX Spectrum version are finished.

June 6th 2003
PC Windows version is finished! After two years
since the original idea finally something comes to light.

June 9th 2002
A PC Windows demo was finished!

April 4th 2002 was born :)

November 2nd 2001
The project was expanded to several plataforms
like PC Windows and Commodore Amiga.

September 28th 2001
A first ZX Spectrum game engine was finished!

April 25th 2001
Creation of the first graphics of the ZX Spectrum version.

March 1st 2001
Main idea about the game.